How can install Adobe Illustrator 8, on Windows XP 64bit?

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Adobe Software

Someone please tell me, is there any way to run this software on windows xp 64bit? if yes, please guide me how. thank you.

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    I just googled. I don’t use Windows but I do empathize about 64-bit –> better platform, less canned stuff.

    Anyhow, looks like XP as an x86 folder. If you did the install it probably will go into the normal programs (the 64-bit) and that won’t work. You have to be in the 32-bit emmulation destination folder. If you did install incorrectly, you may have to use a different user name or google some more how to move the installed files.

    Which is strange to me. XP64 will kick down to 32-bit without warning and emulate 32. Any and all sound libraries are 32-bit and nobody wants to rewrite sound libraries (audio is the ugly duckling of developers). Linux, you have to build 64-bit software from the libs, but Linux will never silently switch modes, it just fails to run. In Linux I would have to install a translation library called ia32.

    One final thought, if you can’t get Illustrator going, try Inkscape, a free software that can make Illustrator files.

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